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Check Out This Essential Tent Installation Checklist

We all know how vital a checklist is before your big day. You’ll look at it months before, a week earlier, the day before and even the morning of. You’ve decided on an outdoor wedding, maybe between a tipi combination or sailcloth. You’ve included all the finishing touches, like a chill-out area with fire pits, lighting, staging and hand-built furniture.  But are you highly confident of all the details regarding the tent hire so that it doesn’t fly around in the middle of the ceremony or even the reception? Ensure you have this additional checklist with you whenever dealing with tents for sale in the UK.

Vital Tasks

  • Submit a floor plan for the final structure to be built. Try to sketch how the tent hire will look if you don’t have one.
  • The grass should be cut short by the time the building crew arrives. Long grass will not let the camping matting lie flat, and the team may have difficulty getting any structures placed on it. Bring a pair of garden clippers to help out if necessary.
  • Be aware of overhead branches that may need to be cut back by the building crew. If they are small, cutting back may be unnecessary, but send some photos just in case.
  • Notify the building crew about any power or water lines that might need to be avoided when driving stakes into the ground. That way, you can hire a team who can do an ocular beforehand.
  • Be aware of power requirements from your electric company and be sure they are sufficient. To avoid any last-minute issues on day one, ask your crew if they can handle the power requirements for the tent hire.
  • Consider weather conditions and evening temperatures when choosing fire pits and other heat sources. Wet ground after rain can affect how easy it is to lay out camp mats, and chilly evenings can easily be remedied with a fire or a few light bulbs.

Potential Add-Ons

These items are not as important as the above items but may be helpful for your entire team on the event day:
  • Before the wedding, make sure your wedding planner is on board. It’s helpful to have a capable friend or family member there.
  • The day before the wedding, ask your neighbours for help if you need it; you can surprise them with a pair of tickets to the wedding in exchange for their service.
  • Because you’re outside, bugs can be a significant problem for a tent hire. Get an exterminator to treat your wedding location in advance, or consider having some “citronella” candles burning (they look pretty and serve as an excellent bug repellent).
  • Get help before the big day: it takes a village to pull off a successful wedding. If someone can take care of all the last-minute details, so you don’t have to worry about them, that’s even better. Don’t forget to make teas and coffees for any helpers who come with their cups.
  • Inform guests ahead of time that they might need sturdier shoes (or none at all) for your outdoor location. Let them know whether there will be seating available and whether they should bring an extra layer or blanket to sit on if they choose not to sit on the bare ground.
Weddings should be a genuine reflection of the bride and groom, especially an outdoor gathering. That’s why, when dealing with tents for sale in the UK, we encourage you to follow this checklist to the letter, so you don’t have to worry about navigating logistical nightmares and enjoy your wedding day with your beloved guests! Purchase tents for sale in the UK from Tentstyle today! Our stretch tents are an exciting alternative to the more traditional marquees. We create an exclusive indoor and outdoor experience by moulding the structures around the landscape. Contact us now for more information.