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Unique Stretch Tents for your event, home or business

Passionate About Tents

We have a passion for creating stunning outdoor events and bespoke installations using our extraordinary tents!

Our stretch tents are the exciting alternative to the more traditional marquees. We create an exclusive indoor and outdoor experience by moulding the structures around the landscape. The success we enjoy, stems from both the quality of our products and the service that our clients have come to enjoy time and time again.

We strive to offer the most personal service possible to our clients, as we fully understand the complexities and trust required to ensure a special, memorable occasion. From small garden parties and corporate events to weddings and festivals, we have a vast range of sizes, colours and configurations to meet your needs.

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The Stretch Tent

Created in South Africa, these lightweight structures consist of a revolutionary composite material that is 100% waterproof and highly versatile. They can be erected on uneven ground, attached to buildings, even over garden features and vegetation. Since their introduction to the UK around a decade ago, Stretch Tents have quickly evolved to become a top choice for a wide variety of events. They’re modern, atmospheric and have the ability to conform to virtually any setting. Being totally weatherproof, the uniquely designed fabric, seams and gutter systems stretch in all directions to remain fully waterproof.

  • 100% Weatherproof
Our stretch tent fabric remains totally waterproof while stretched. Advanced manufacturing techniques guarantee watertight seams. With the ability to pull the sides of the tent down to the ground and the use of door systems, we can create totally enclosed structures for the harshest of weather.
  • Fire Retardant
Our Stretch Tent fabric is fire resistant and is 100% compliant with UK fire safety regulations.
  • Modular
Using specially developed gutter systems, we can connect our stretch tents together enabling us to create virtually any sized structure with endless configurations.
  • Fully Bespoke
We can manufacture virtually any size, shape or colour stretch tent and even have your logo or brand printed onto the fabric. So no matter what your brief, we’ll almost always have a solution.
  • Town or Country
Stretch Tents can be themed in countless ways and their ability to adapt to their surroundings is extraordinary. Equally suited to rustic, country weddings through to slick, urban corporate events.
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