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Various Tents for Your Events: 10 Styles You Need to Know

Outdoor events are never complete without nifty tents! They offer protection from the elements and a covered area where all guests and participants can congregate orderly. The thing is, there are various shapes to choose from whenever you buy tents or go for an event tent hire. Which should you choose? This guide will help you figure that one out.


Originating from Scandinavia, Stavanger tents are designed for swanky, outdoor events like weddings, anniversaries, or birthday celebrations. Their square frame connects to a triangular dome, giving guests more headroom and floor space to move around comfortably. However,  the front covers do not come down entirely and provide a curtain-like feel instead.

Hampton Bay

Those who yearn for something like the Stavanger’s but want a little more privacy should buy tents made of the Hampton Bay kind. They are much larger than the Stavangers, offering covers that can be drawn entirely to hide the guests inside with translucent or opaque material. They are also sturdy against sun, wind, and rain, making them a perfect choice for large outdoor gatherings. While sizes vary according to the host’s specifications, a Hampton Bay event tent hire can fully accommodate a party of up to 100 people or more!


Tipis originated from Native American culture. These tents were made from animal skins (complete with fur) and were pitched beside each other to symbolise a sense of boundaries and community. Since these were considered individual houses back in the day, tipis fit four people. An outdoor concert or Bohemian-themed party are the perfect events to buy or hire tipi tents, especially in today’s world. They encourage social distancing and less interaction due to their smaller size.


Buy tents of the dome variety if you want to hose an intimate gathering consisting only of your closest family and friends. Its round shape provides space and comfort for everyone inside!


Stretch tents take inspiration from Middle-Eastern coverings with canopies stretched atop the residents’ heads and anchored on strings to the ground. The result is an ultra-spacious area where families, servants, and animals could freely walk in and out of.  Stretch tents are a popular event tent hire, even during inclement weather, as their canopy can be angled to channel water away from the entrances.


Resembling a stretch tent in terms of appearance, star tents are star-shaped, with five similar angles offering protection from sun, rain and just enough space for guests to move around in. Buy tents of this kind to provide a breathable lounge area or an outdoor space for your intimate guest list.


The beauty of Ferro tents lies in their transparent frames, which allow guests to see their surroundings. Its walls are made of clear glass with customisable curtains to block out harsh light or give privacy.


A Palladio tent’ structure is kept firmly in place with pillars that allow plenty of natural light or can be decorated with strings of bulbs to enhance its interior design.


Also known as sailcloth tents, these premium coverings can seat 45 guests or host 24 standing attendees! These translucent materials offer comfort and protection from heat, cold, or rain.


These tents are called such because their front panels are metal frames connected to a triangular cloth dome. They are classics for outdoor events because of their simplicity and customizability according to the event organiser’s needs. These ten tents come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate almost any event. Always check in with your supplier what kinds they have on hand to choose the right one at the correct cost. The best type of tent for an event is one that doesn’t break the bank and becomes a memorable fixture in the minds of your guests! Looking to buy tents or an event tent hire? Check out Tentstyle right now! We’re a company from West Sussex that believes, no matter what you’re planning, there’s a stretch tent for any event: rural, urban, large, or small. Enquire now!